Sacramento’s Streetcar Spring

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” — Author, Poet, Activist and former Streetcar Conductor Maya Angelou Streetcar Era In 1930 Sacramento was served by the local electric streetcars of the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, as well as the heavy interurbans of Sacramento Northern along its routesContinue reading “Sacramento’s Streetcar Spring”

BRT For Northeastern Sacramento

This is a critical time for transit in Sacramento. If done right, Bus Rapid Transit could revitalize transit. Light rail could be connected to major traffic generators. BRT offers all the tools to ensure that buses arrive in time to connect with light rail trains with no more missed connections to light rail! In northeasternContinue reading “BRT For Northeastern Sacramento”

We’ve Been Expecting You!

Contribute inspirational videos to this page with your comments. Take a moment to compare two excellent visions of transit. The first is from Orange County in California. The bus is cool… an excellent way to be a trendsetter. The second is from Auckland, New Zealand. The message here is very different. Transit is for families!Continue reading “We’ve Been Expecting You!”

Linearity… life on the wrong side of the road.

A new transit term is coming: linearity. Linearity refers to how straight transit routes are. A highly linear route is a straight line. A convoluted route is not linear at all. In dense urban areas, shops and schools, housing and parks are all clustered together. Here a highly linear route can serve many of theContinue reading “Linearity… life on the wrong side of the road.”

Why We Love Transit

Contribute inspirational videos to this page with your comments. Santa Clara’s transit poet asks “What moves you?” Nothing portrays a philosopher’s transit life-style better that finding the beauty in the ride. Scania makes the point that every bus is a park, not only in the space each bus saves by learning to see the environmentalContinue reading “Why We Love Transit”