BRT For Northeastern Sacramento

This is a critical time for transit in Sacramento. If done right, Bus Rapid Transit could revitalize transit. Light rail could be connected to major traffic generators. BRT offers all the tools to ensure that buses arrive in time to connect with light rail trains with no more missed connections to light rail!

In northeastern Sacramento, BRT could also allow the bus network to do infinity more. In addition to BRT, frequent, 15 minutely, routes would connect all the region’s major traffic generators. Imagine 15-minutely service not only to light rail but also between malls, colleges, and hospitals.

The bus system would them be completed with routes anchored to a mall and a college. Each remaining 30 minutely service would be positioned to become frequent as well. Instead of having less frequent lines avoid major traffic generators, as they do now, and be forever destined to have short service days and low ridership, each 30 minutely service would make an excellent frequent route when funding allowed!

This is a critical time for transit. An excellent plan will also attract transit funding to our region, better use existing bus hours, offer radically improved transit, and open the door to gradual improvements that are a hallmark of our peers in San Diego, Portland and Salt Lake City.

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BRT + Frequent and Fast + Mall and College

Published by Ben Etgen

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