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Take a moment to compare two excellent visions of transit. The first is from Orange County in California. The bus is cool… an excellent way to be a trendsetter.

Dump The Pump with OCTA on OC Bus

The second is from Auckland, New Zealand. The message here is very different. Transit is for families! The man we may have imaged as single is instead in a relationship. Transit does not make him sexier, it makes him more reliable and responsible. The accessible features are understated. The wheelchair user lets the woman with a bike exit first. Older folks get a look in, they meet their grand kids at the end of the trip.

Auckland’s new electric trains: Features

Notice how the explicit message is the features of the new electric trains. The implicit message is that transit is appropriate to people who may not have ridden transit before.

Both are excellent and aspirational visions of transit! I’d love to know Dwayne Peterman. He’s a cool guy! However, I identify more with the man on the train.

Which vision leaves you wanting to take a ride?

Published by Ben Etgen

A mathematician looks at problems from successive levels of abstraction until the essential nature of a problem can be studied. From there, the best solution can be found and then applied to the situation at hand. This process of abstraction and generalization characterizes mathematics and is modelled in mathematics education. From elections and climate change to optimizing profits and increasing the flow of highways mathematics offers the best solutions.

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